North Denes Primary school Gt Yarmouth 
Dances and culture of the Mayans
Biblical Lands & Times dance & Music workshops held at Norwich Cathedral and in schools
Testimonial by John Semmens Old Catton C of E  Junior School Norwich
The children enjoyed it immensely and found the element of community, explored by the whole group dances, to be great fun. The groups are not particularly confident dancers nor are they all that happy to work together holding hands but this was encouraged from the start in a positive way and everyone was made to feel a part of this community dance – even the teachers. 
The use of music to link to stories told in other cultures was an effective way to bring in the concept of storytelling and the use of the scarves as ‘be all’ prop meant that the children had tremendous freedom of expression when telling their own stories. They greatly enjoyed this, as seen in the two attached poems. 


Thank you the children really enjoyed their day, it helped show them the different cultures and traditions, and what fun they can be Lesley McDonald Hazelmere Infants Colchester

Birkwood Primary School Cudworth Barnsley Australian Aboriginal dances 3 days of delightful dancing with some very enthusiastic, creative and courteous children and helpful staff, Thanks to Alex Betts and Mrs Julie Allen MBE

Australia Aboriginal dances & History

The three days you spent with us for our Australia Week were very memorable. The children loved it and they were so enthusiastic during your sessions. Your creativity and love for dance shines through and inspires all children to have a go and most importantly have fun! Thank you again. 

 Alex Betts  Birkwood Primary School Cudworth Barnsley

Hollelsey Primary School teaching British Morris dance aka Lolly Morris

Dear Lorraine,

Sir Thomas Mills High School Indian dance reflections with aspects of Hinduism

‘a massive thank you for running such great sessions last week at the Multicultural Day.  The students got so much out of each of the workshops and are still talking about the day now!

Thank you so much again. Kind regards, Helen Lambert

Ghost Hill Primary School teaching Indian dance reflections, 3 sweet sessions thank you to Sam Church all staff and Mrs Garret Headteacher