DANCE Drama & Music WORKSHOPS 2019

DANCE WORKSHOPS OFFERED are all suitable for ALL Key Stages and Cross Curricular




Britain : Traditional British and Ancient Britons dances : Country dances, lively fun Innovative Morris Dances  : sailors’ hornpipe dance: Norfolk step dance: Ancient Britons: Roman Briton: Connect to ancient Iceni roots of Queen Boudicca, have wode face paints and dance like a warrior: Welsh Fiery Dragon.

Ireland: Lively ceilidh jigs and reels, in a celebration worthy of St Patrick’s day.

Greece : Greek folk dances link in with Labyrinth dance & drama of Ancient Greece, includes musical instruments

Italy : Italian Folk dance, could link in with dance & drama of Ancient Romans, includes musical instruments.

Poland: Polish folk dances including Mazurka and Krakowiak.

Spain: Everyone knows the amazing Flamenco, but what about Spanish regional folk dances.

France: French folk dances.


Indian Dance Reflections : Celebrate festival of Diwali, learn some Indian Classical dance moves , dance to Vintage Bollywood, plus authentic Indian Musical Instruments and costumes, can also cover Hinduism, and Indus Valley if required.

Pakistan : Aspects of Sikhism and lively Bhangra

China: Music, dance and story telling of the many Chinese Dragon’s, and in Shang Dynasty, with authentic 20ft Chinese Dragon.

Tibet: Take a journey into the religious Buddhist traditions of Tibet, and ritual Tibetan Sacred dances of Tibetan Buddhism

        Japan : Exquisite Japanese mime fan dances, incorporating dramatic story telling


Ancient Mesopotamia: dances of the Ancient Sumerians: Includes musical instruments.

Biblical Lands & times: In psalm 150 we are encouraged to ‘Praise him with harps and lyres, praise him with drums and dancing’ and St Basil 4th C wrote ‘imitate on the earth the ring dance of the Angels ‘ by dancing.

Turkey: Turkish Folk dances.

Ancient Iraq : Folk dances and ancient traditions


Africa: Over 50 countries, with their own languages cultures traditions and beliefs.  Workshops previously held: dances from South Africa, Senegal, Gambia, Rwanda, Ghana, Kenya, the Masai, Malawi, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Morocco, Egypt, Uganda and Madagascar. Plus African musical instruments.


Dances of Ancient Egypt: How and why did the Ancient Egyptians dance? Try authentic Egyptian instruments.  Learn also traditional Egyptian folk dance, includes authentic Egyptian musical instruments, scarves and costumes


America: Native North American Indian dance: Animal mimetic and story dances to authentic Native American music including Buffalo drum and shakers, plus face paints.


America: Amazon Rain-forest and its importance, dances of the tribes-people of the Amazon, including instruments, face paints and masks

Brazil: Carnival Samba, processional carnival samba with powerful south American and Afro beats, percussion plus face paints

Aztecs: Learn about dances specific to the many festivals plus authentic percussion instruments, masks and face paints plus if required the aspects of current day Mexico, including the Mexican Hat dance 

Inca and Mayan : Dance workshops connecting to ancient dance rituals of the Indigenous peoples, Face paints plus instruments

Chile: Folk dances

Argentina: Argentinian partner dance

Island of Tahiti: Hip based hula dance plus folk traditions


Caribbean Islands: Dance to Reggae, Soca, Calypso or go back in time and discover the mysterious Afro-Caribbean folk traditions of Haiti, Cuba, St Lucia, Jamaica and many more. Instruments and face paints


New Zealand : Maori Haka for boys and girls and not just the Rugby Haka, much more to the History of this dance than the clips on Tv

Australian Aboriginal: Connect to Mother Earth by dancing the Rainbow Serpent dance, learn about the Dreaming, with authentic Australian instruments and face paints, and about Aboriginal history.


Dance workshops on Take one Picture from National Gallery of Penelope

with her suitors.