Multicultural dance workshops in East of England

Teaching in Lincolnshire school this week, Native American dances to wonderfully talented children thanks to Lee Armstrong at Cherry Willingham Primary School
Back in business after trips to Ireland and Iona, visited Iona Primary school Scotland lovely school
Great morning teaching workshop on Ancient Egypt dance music & customs at Mile Cross Primary School Norwich wonderful pupils and staff, Mrs Kausch & Mrs Harris


‘thank you so much for the lively and exciting Native American dance workshop you delivered at our school on Friday.
The children really enjoyed it and I know they learnt a lot too. We were really pleased with the content and hope that you will come back and work with us again in the future.’
Best wishes,
Anna Spencer and year 5
(Kelvedon Academy)


Wonderful day at St Francis  of Assisi school Norwich before Easter teaching Indian dance, just received some beautiful letters from the pupils, inspiring. thank you to Felicity Hope and  Mrs Knowles,

Roman dance at Bignold Primary  School Norwich, African Dance at Swanton Abbott Primary School Norfolk And Indian Dance at St Francis of Assisi School Norwich, all positive educative creative experiences….thank you to wonderful children and teachers 
Happy Easter !
Teaching days at Wickham Market primary school, dances taught were Chinese Dragon, Dances of Egypt, African dance, New Zealand Maori Haka, Caribbean dances, Brazilian Carnival SambaLots of great work with super staff and children
Two lovely days teaching Indian dance at Suffield Park Infants and Nursery School Cromer Norfolk 
Great evening giving talk on history of Egyptian dance Ancient & and current, then super class with enthusiastic Sprowston W.I.
Great FunLovely morning teaching Ancient Greek and modern Greek Dance at Mile Cross Primary School, Norwich Norfolk, thank you to Mrs Kerkham’s class, Mrs Cook’s class and to Mr Stuart Allen Headteacher.  The children as Mile Cross are always a delight to teach, thank you.  Good luck with your Ofsted.
Celebrate Chinese New Year in Norwich Norfolk with Lorraine’s amazing Chinese Dragon dance, learn about the many aspects of Chinese Dragon and find your own inner Dragon…………
 Dance, Music and Ancient History workshops in African Continent : – Africa : South Africa : Senegal : Gambia: Rwanda: Ghana : Kenya: Malawi :Tanzania : Ethiopia: Morocco : Uganda : Madagascar including Benin (West Africa) c. AD900-1300: Egypt Traditional Folk Dance Includes authentic costumes & instruments scarves and sticks for the bedouin danceEurope – Traditional British – Ireland – France- Poland – Greece – Spain – Italy – TurkeyAsia – Indian Dance – Bollywood and Classical – Tibet – Learn the sacred Buddhist dances :China : Chinese Dragon dance : Japan: Japanese exquisite mime fan danceNorth & South America : Native American Indian : Aztec Dance – Inca – Mayan – Mexico- Peru – Chile – Brazilian Carnival Samba – Argentina – Amazon rainforest : Tahiti: Caribbean Islands: Reggae, Soca, Calypso or back in time to discover the Afro-Caribbean folk traditions of Haiti, St Lucia, JamaicaAustralasiaAustralia : Australian Aboriginal dance: New Zealand : Maori Haka : Papua New GuineaANCIENT DANCE & HISTORYAncient Egypt – Ancient Britons -Ancient Greece  – Ancient Rome – Sumer – Ancient Mesopotamia- Syriai Iran & Iraq – The Indus Valley – Shang Dynasty of Ancient China – Music and Dance in Biblical times – Old and New Testament – Phoenicians – Islamic Civilisations: Ancient Israel & Palestine Judaism & Christianity
Great Day at Holt Primary School, Norfolk, teaching workshops on Aztecs and Spanish Folk dance. Super children thank you to all.Egyptian dance classes in Norwich and Norfolk is always a great favourite for Ancient Egyptian days to Arts weeks and Festivals.
Looking forward to teaching at Holt Primary school Norfolk next week, teaching Aztec Folk dance and Spanish Folk dance to year 3.One lovely New Year’s present ‘We are one’ a Celebration of Tribal peoples created and edited by Joanna Eede in recogition of Survival International’s work.
African dance in schools for children: Dances from African continent
My Journey in dance article by Laura Dodge of Dance Register published in Association of Dance of the African Diaspora

Great Ancient Egyptian dance workshops at Toftwood junior school and Caister junior School, super pupils.

Multicultural dance workshop for adults at St Lukes Church Norwich covering Armenian dance, Greek dance and Egyptian popular.

Looking forward to teaching Egyptian dance workshop

( Raks Sharqi ) this afternoon at Holiday Inn Norwich for Fitness pampering weekend.

Great Day of teaching workshop on Ancient Egypt, with authentic Egyptian costumes, musical instruments and scarves at Toftwood Junior school Dereham Norfolk. Thanks to lovely talented children and staff especially Mrs Warren, Mrs Francis and Ms Lycett

Looking forward to teaching workshop on Ancient Egypt,  including dance music and costumes at Toftwood Junior School  in Norfolk next week

Ancient Egypt, Ancient Sumer, Ancient Indus, Ancient China Dance workshops for schools

All Ancient dance workshops in schools most popular now…….. Ancient Egypt, Ancient Sumer, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Ancient Indus Valley, Ancient China, My dance workshops are packed with information, artefacts and lots of fun and the prices are so reasonable, as follows : one session ( minimum one hour ) …

All Ancient dance workshops in schools most popular now……..

Ancient Egypt, Ancient Sumer, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Ancient Indus Valley,

Ancient China,

My dance workshops are packed with information, artefacts and lots of fun and the prices are so reasonable, as follows : one session ( minimum one hour ) @ £75 plus travel, or max  5 sessions a day for the amazing price of £275 plus travel – a mix of styles is possible for 10% extra. The costing is approximately £2- £3 per child for a super experience.

Lovely new workshop in week focusing on Ancient Sumer and Mespotamia

Super evening last night giving talk on my journey with Egyptian dance through being introduced by my Mum, studying Ancient Egypt and providing workshops to adults and in schools. I brought along costumes scarves and instruments, and the Neatishead WI joined in a mini class, great fun had by all

Lovely day on Tuesday at Great Yarmouth Primary Acadamy Dickens Ave to teach workshop on Mespotamian dance and music, thanks to lovely children and staff and to Aziza Cranmer

Teaching at St Michaels School Aylsham African dance workshops, the children produced some amazing work,thank you to Laura Stebbings and staff


African dance workshops from South Africa and Kenya
Monday was fantastic – both classes had an amazing time and have been buzzing from it ever since…. it was a pleasure to see everyone lose themselves to the music and dance!
Thanks again
Jo McRitchie Morley Memorial Primary School Cambs

Looking forward to teaching at a school in cambridgeshire tomorrow, focusing on dances from Kenya and South Africa

Just finished article on my dance workshops in schools and dance history for Dance uk, hope they accept article……… good to give thanks to all great teachers and advisors who had mentored and encouraged me over the years

Now on new dance practitioners register Yey !

Looking forward  to new schools term, in Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambs, Lincs and Essex and long way off but definately worth it Herts CC Really excited about delivering a new workshop on Ancient Mesopotamia for schools workshop in September, plus Ancient Britain & Christian conversion: Mughal India: Russian Empires, Earliest Civilisations: Ancient Sumer, Indus Valley, Ancient Egypt, Shang Dynasty of Ancient China, African continent, Brazilian carnival samba, Mesoamerican, North American Indian, Tibetan sacred dance, Islamic civilisations, Greeks & Romans, New Zealand Maori Haka, Ireland and France


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